Be unceasing in prayer [praying perseveringly] – 1 Thessalonians 5:17 (The Amplified Bible)

Prayer isn’t voluntary to the child of God; it’s a compulsory spiritual activity. We discover many times from the scriptures how the Lord Jesus separated Himself from the people to pray. He also used several parables to teach the people on pray, “…that, men ought always to pray, and not to faint” (Luke 18:1). Throughout the scriptures, much emphasis was placed on the place of prayer in the life of the Christian.

Every time you spend time to pray, you’re actually putting pressure on the devil. Too often, many wait until the pressure comes to them before they pray.  The reason some Christians go through terrible ordeals in their lives is that they don’t set themselves to pray early enough. You don’t have to wait until the devil meets you on your dinner table before you deal with him. Counter his advances ever he gets to your door step.

The challenge with many people is they are too lazy to pray. A man ran into a church crying for help hysterically, “Please pray for me” he said; “my pregnant wife is in the intensive care unit”. He had nine months to pray but he didn’t pray. Now he wants emergency prayers. This is why many go around looking for ‘success formula’, ‘healing formula’, and several others get-it-quick formulae. It’s like the student who had five months to prepare for his exams but failed to prepare. Then, on the night before his exams he began praying to God for help; he took to pray late.

We’re living in an age where everybody wants everything fast. There are fast-foods, fast-cars, jet planes, super-computers, and so on. Now, we want to put God into the same fast-lane and so we inadvertently pray “fast prayers” for quick results. All we want to know is how to push some buttons and have God respond quickly. That’s wrong! Get serious with your life today and make the right changes for your spiritual development.

For more, please read and study: James 4:7; Matthew 17:21

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Proclamation of Faith

I am not lazy to pray nor would I give up on prayer. I refuse to be at satan’s mercy, instead as I pray, I set up force field that puts pressure on him and his evil devices. And through my prayer life, I maintain this advantage over him in Christ’s Name. Amen.