“Neither shall thy name any more is called Abram, but thy name shall be Abraham; for a father of many nations have I made thee.” – Genesis 17:5

When God addresses you, He calls you the name that’s attached to the destiny He’s purposed for you. That’s the reason He changed Abram’s name to Abraham. His previous name meant “assumed or exalted father” but “Abraham” meant “father of many.” It wasn’t enough for God to just promise the man a son in his old age; He had to call Him by a new name which he would change his consciousness, and position him to fulfill his God-given purpose in life.

The Lord Jesus changed Simon’s name to “Peter” for this same reason (Matthew 16:18). “Simon” means reed which is swayed in the wind, and that’s exactly how the man behaved. He would be courageous one day and timid the next; he would be full of faith one day and doubting the next. However, “Peter” means a stone founded on a rock; by calling him that name, the Master was revealing to him a new destiny and purpose.

Whatever God calls you in His Word is His “Name” for you. For example, when He says you are “healed” (1 Peter 2:24), He has called you a name! That means you are “the healed” therefore no sickness should stay in your body! When God says you’re “blessed”, He has equally called you a name; it means you’re “the blessed” therefore poverty and suffering are not a part of your life.

Another name God has called you is “More than a conqueror” (Romans 8:37); that means you don’t need to fight to overcome anything! There’s so many glorious names God has called you in the Scriptures, answer those names today by calling yourself what God has called you, and begin to live in God’s destiny and purpose for your life.

Further Study:

Isaiah 62:2 – And the Gentiles shall see thy righteousness, and all kings thy glory: and thou shalt be called by a new name, which the mouth of the LORD shall name.

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