Things that are seen don’t last forever, but things that are not seen are eternal. That’s why we keep our minds on things that are not seen – 2 Corinthians 4:8 (CEV).

As Christians we achieve our success, victory, prosperity and progress in life by activating certain spiritual principles that we find in God’s word. One of such principles is seeing the unseen. This means seeing with your faith eye, seeing your miracle first from inside you, your heart.

Before the physical manifestation of the glory and supernatural power of God in your life, you must see it first within you. Once you can see it inside your spirit – with the eyes of faith – then that thing is already yours. You can never have it on the outside if you don’t have it first within. That’s where some have missed it. They want to see first with their physical eyes before calling real that which God has promised. That’s not faith. Faith is calling real that which the physical senses can’t perceive.

For instance, it’d be wrong for anyone to say of a pregnant woman; “I can’t see her baby so there is nothing in her womb” the fact is the baby is there even though no one is seeing it. Even before her belly got big the baby was there already. The belly only got big because the baby inside grew bigger. At the end of the gestation period, the baby will be born.

In the same way, that miracle you are pregnant with; that blessing you’ve already seen and take possession of in the spirit will manifest if you refuse to vacillate or waver in your faith. With your eyes of faith, see the new job you desire; see your prosperity, health, grace, peace, progress, success, deliverance and the salvation of your family and friends. Begin to proclaim with your mouth that which you have already seen within you, not so they will come to pass, but because you know that in the faith realm, they already exist.

For more, read and study: Hebrews 11:1(Amplified Bible), John 20:29

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Proclamation of Faith

I thank you father for helping me see my success, wisdom, health, wealth, progress, promotion and every good thing I require to live the good, glorious and victorious life you’ve called me into.