…The earnest (heartfelt, continued) prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available [dynamic in its working] – James 5:16 (Amplified Bible).

Power is the dynamic ability to cause changes. This means we can actually effect changes in our lives, in the lives of our loved ones, tame natural forces, and influence circumstances in our favour. There’s a kind of prayer that never fails to produce this kind of result. That’s what we read in our opening verse. This isn’t the kind of prayer that lasts two minutes and you go away, no; it’s earnest, heartfelt, and continued! You press with your spirit in prayer! This kind of prayer makes tremendous power available.

This explains the reason many are praying, but things aren’t happening; the power isn’t made available. Make power available for that change that you so desire; that change that you want in your family, in your finances, and in your job! There’s got to be power for the change, and the Word already shows us how; it’s through prevailing prayer—earnest, heartfelt, continued prayer; it produces results. You may have wanted certain things to change, and you didn’t quite see the results you wanted; you can make something happen by making power available for the change.

Now, having made the power available, having prevailed in prayer, the next thing you do is to give the Word! As you give the Word, under that divine unction, whatever you say will surely come to pass because it’ll be by the power of the Spirit. However, until the power is made available, you may give the Word, and there’ll be no change.

It’s not everything that changes at your confession; some require power for the change! Those things that require power for change are the ones I’m referring to. You can make a difference if you’d pray this way! Every now and then, pray fervently in other tongues. As you pray in tongues from your spirit, and make power available, success and victory will be your testimony.

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CONFESSION (Faith’s Proclamation)

Dear Father, I thank you for your power and ability vested in me to effect tremendous changes, and to establish your divine will in all that concerns me, here on earth. Through earnest, heartfelt, continued prayer, coupled with your Word, situations are changed in my favour, and my victory is assured, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Further Study: Romans 8:26; Ephesians 6:18; Ecclesiastes 8:4