For we are God’s [own] handiwork (His workmanship), recreated in Christ Jesus, [born anew] that we may do those good works which God predestined (planned beforehand) for us [taking paths which He prepared ahead of time], that we should walk in them [living the good life which He prearranged and made ready for us to live] – Ephesians 2:10 (Amplified Bible)

God’s label is on you. That’s precisely what the Apostle Paul meant when he said we’re “God’s workmanship”; meaning that you’re His handiwork. For instance, iOS devices have the Apple label designating them as the “workmanship,” or “handiwork” of the Apple Company. There are Android devices that display the Samsung label to indicate they’re the products of Samsung. In the same way, you have a label on you as God’s handiwork; that label is His Name. You’re God’s own workmanship, created without any defect. You were made to function perfectly and excellently in life.

You’re crafted for excellence now that you’re born again. God has certified you a success. Observe again what we read in our theme scripture: “For we are God’s [own] handiwork (His workmanship), recreated in Christ Jesus, [born anew] that we may do those good works which God predestined.” Not only do you have the nature of your heavenly Father in you, you also have His label on you. The same label was on Jesus when He walked the earth. Acts 10:38 says, “How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power: who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for God was with him.”

The same is true about you today! You’ve been anointed with the Holy Spirit and with power to do good works. “Good works” means manifesting the glory of God and establishing His will—His righteousness—upon the earth; winning souls, and bringing men out of darkness into His marvellous light. In your neighbourhood, home, workplace, school— everywhere you find yourself—preach the Gospel, heal the sick, cast out devils, cleanse the lepers, and raise the dead! You’re the one bearing Christ’s label in the world today.

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Confession (Faith’s Proclamation)

God’s label is on me, for I am His workmanship created in Christ Jesus unto good works. Therefore, as I go about doing good today; my life is filled with God’s goodness and grace in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Further Study: 1 Peter 2:9; Titus 2:14