“Jesus said unto him, if thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.”Mark 9:23

Whatever it is you desire from the Lord today, I want you to know that it is possible. When the dear old man whose son was tormented of a devil came to the Master for help, Jesus didn’t say, “Depending on how serious the case is, all things are possible!” Neither did He say, “All things are possible to the one who can pay for it!” Rather, He said all things are possible to him that believeth!That’s all; the only ingredient required is your faith. As long as you can believe that you have it, it’s yours.

Do you believe you can walk again? Do you believe that your business can be revived? Do you believe that your shop can become a shopping mall? Do you believe that seemingly wayward child that ran away from home can come back again? All it takes is for you to believe, for to him that believes, all things are possible. God is looking for someone who can believe! Believe today for that miracle you desire, and give voice to your believing by declaring faith filled words.

Remember, believing is a choice, and you prove that you’ve truly believed by your confessions of faith. Every time God locates a man or woman who exercises faith, impossibilities become possibilities.

When Abraham believed, it became possible for an old man like him, with a wife who had long gone into menopause to have a child. When Isaac believed, it became possible for him to receive a bumper harvest from a barren, famine-stricken land. When Moses believed, it became possible for six millions of Jews to walk through the Red Sea on dry ground!

Whatever miracle you’re in need of today, you can receive it if you would believe. Even if the miracle is something God has never done for anyone, He’ll do it for you, if you would only believe.

“It is possible!” That’s the Word of the Lord for you today. You can walk again; you can have your own baby; you can buy up that property and pay off your mortgage! There’s more than enough power available to you through God’s Word and the Spirit. All you need is to trust the Lord and accept that His Word is true and never fails. You can exceed your dream for success and greatness-if you’d only believe!


All things are possible to me because I’m a believer! There’s absolutely nothing that my faith can’t achieve! No dream is too high; no step too big and no vision too lofty for me to achieve! Nothing; absolutely nothing is impossible to me because I have prevailing faith; the faith that always works.

Further Study: Luke 18:27GNB; Philippians 4:13