“In whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge”Colossians 2:3

The scripture above lets us know that Jesus is the embodiment of all wisdom and knowledge. In other words, not only He is the creator of all things, He knows also all things. There’s absolutely no topic or subject that He’s deficient in. he knows everything about God, heaven, angels, man and the devil. He also knows everything about Law, Science, History, Business, Stocks and shares, Aeronautics, Fashion, Cookery, the Internet and things beyond your imagination. He can teach you about them better than any professor.

He is the fountain of all knowledge and can teach you anything. He can give you a word of knowledge, and that knowledge will be what you need to change your world for the better. The world is looking for solutions, and God wants to give His kids the solutions to the world’s problems: He can give you a word of knowledge about your career. He can give you the medical solution to the cancer, HIV/AIDS and other medically incurable ailments. All you need is a word of knowledge from Him, which is only a part, or little piece of everything He knows.

The very thought of this excites me! That I can be praying in my closet and receive a word of knowledge from the Master! He can impart my spirit with knowledge that’ll be the solution the world has been waiting for.

You can receive a word of knowledge from the Lord about your health, job, business, family, academics and finances from time to time. What you need is to recognize that Jesus is knowledge personified, and then trust Him to enrich you in everything, including all utterance and in all knowledge (1 Corinthians 1:5).

I’d like to invite you to make Jesus your Lord and personal Savior right now if you haven’t done that yet. He came to save you by offering His own blood as your sins sacrifice. Please click here. God bless you.


Lord Jesus, I thank you that in everything I am enriched by you, in all utterance and in all knowledge. Thank you for granting me revelation knowledge, and knowledge of everyday events. I ask that you enlighten the eyes of my understanding, and flood my heart with divine knowledge that I may know you more. Amen.

Further Study/Reading: John 2:24-25; Hebrews 4:13